Become a Vendilicious venue today

and provide out-of-the-box, healthier options for food on the go

We meet you onsite

We’ll assess your space and who uses it and make recommendations about the size of machine you’ll need and what should be in it!

We deliver the machine

At a date and time convenient to you, our installation team will deliver and set-up your fully-stocked Vendilicious machine. It’s really that simple.

Better bites

From then on, your staff and visitors will have healthier choices when it comes to snacking. And healthier snackers are happier snackers!

Why Choose



For far too long all you could buy from a vending machine was the standard selection of chocolate bars and sugary, fizzy drinks. But people are turning away from those machines now and demanding more choice. More healthier choice.

Are you in charge of a school or higher education establishment? Do you manage staff? Maybe you run a public space like a swimming pool? Or perhaps you are the manager of a health club? Would you like to give your students, staff, clients and customers a greater range of healthier, delicious snacks and refreshing drinks? All delivered through the convenience of a state of the art vending machine? That’s what Vendilicious offers.

Our vending snack selections support the health and wellbeing of your staff, students and visitors and are sourced only from local manufacturers and suppliers.

Are the products in your vending machines good to go? It’s time to talk to Vendilicious about a healthier choice.

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